The operational time for the Trans Batam bus is still complained, especially during the day. Seibeduk residents, Irawan, said on one occasion he even waited almost an hour when he wanted to go to Batamcenter.

“What is less than Trans Batam, if (the service) the others are good,” he said yesterday.

Another citizen, Michael, said the same thing.

“The morning comes quickly, just occasionally, just take it,” said the 5th semester student of Electrical Engineering, Batam State Polytechnic.

The operator of corridor VI Seibeduk-Batamcenter is PT Suluh. The CEO of PT Suluh, Syam Hardi Harun, said the bus was run depending on the rate set by the government. In this case, one bus gets 10 rates a day. It is from this provision that the operator is set the time between the bus with one another. Expedited rush hour and adjustable leisure time.

“Morning is sometimes 5 minutes, above 10:00 WIB 10 to 15 minutes. “Afternoon during rush hour, when people come home from work we accelerate again,” he explained.

He said, if the community wants and can apply to the government, basically it doesn’t matter with the rate.

“Let alone 10 rates, 20 can,” he said.

Confirmed by the Head of the Trans Batam Unit, Bambang Sucipto, said there was no other way to set the time between other buses and other buses. the 10 rate provision is maximal and cannot be added.

“The rate has been set according to the financial capability and capability of the fleet, 10 rates have been maximal,” he added.

Therefore, he said the addition of a fleet was the only way. Currently, it is waiting for the help of 10 bus buses from the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) to be added to the corridors that are considered necessary.

“Now we have 59 buses, if 10 more are enough,” he said.

According to him, the normal time between buses and other buses is run 20 minutes during rush hour and around 25 minutes. The addition of a bus, can be run on an average of 15 minutes.

Regarding this assistance, the news that he knows is only signed by the Minister of Transportation, is expected to be sent as early as November this year.

“In January we will take care of the vehicle completeness documents, in March it has started operating,” he said.

The information that he got also, this procurement is the last from the Ministry of Transportation, although future policies may change. “It’s already very helpful to enter 10. In the future if we reduce it, we will try to propose it in the APBD as well, “he concluded.

Source: Batampos

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