Yusri, a resident of Pulau Muda Village, Teluk Meranti Sub-district, Pelalawan Regency, Riau, was killed by the Sumatran tiger on Saturday (10/3) evening in Indra Giri Hilir district. The victim was killed by a deep wound in the back of the neck suspected of being attacked by protected sumatera tiger.

The local  police of Inhil district Chief AKBP Cristian Rony Putra through Kapolsek Pelangiran Iptu M Rafi said the incident started when the victim Yusri with his three colleagues Rusli, 41; Indra, 26 and Syahran, 41; working in RT 038 Simpang Kanan, Dusun Sinar Danau, Tanjung Simpang Village, Pelangiran District on Saturday at around 16.30 WIB. “The victim then and his colleagues are building a swiftlet nest,” said Kapolsek Pelimiran Iptu M Rafi when contacted by JavaPos.com, Sunday (11/3) morning.

Chief M Rafi explained, when the victim and his partner were making the building, they suddenly saw a Sumatran tiger under the building they were working on. Then it made the victim and three colleagues surprised. They can only remain silent in the building hoping that the animals that are often called ‘Datuk’ will leave. Shortly thereafter at around 18:25 pm, the four no longer see the protected animals. They also feel that ‘Datuk’ has left. Then the four come down from the building roof. However, just about 250 meters walk suddenly the ‘Datuk’ back appeared before Yusri and his colleagues, startled and frightened. “Because of fear, they finally ran scattered. In order not to lose their friends, they ran and shout out to each other, “he explained. However, when the name of the victim is called, there is no answer at all. After the three fellow victims gathered, the victim never appeared. Finally, the three asked for help from the residents of Dusun Sinar Danau Desa Tanjung Simpang.

All three were evacuated by residents using small boats. “The distance between them and the settlement is far away. There are about 20 kilometers, “said Iptu M Rafi. Then, together with their citizens were trying to find victims. After about half an hour of searching, precisely at around 19:30 pm the victim was found in a lifeless state.

Yusri were found in the kumpai plant (a kind of grass planted on the river). “The victim died and at the nape of his right neck there was a bite wound. Allegedly due to the tiger, “explained Kapolsek Pelangiran it. Furthermore, Pelangiran Police personnel together with the team from the Center for Natural Resources Conservation (BBKSDA) Riau do the crime scene investigation and bring the victim to the clinic KPP Pulai PT THIP to do Visum.

“Furthermore, the body of the victim was taken to the village of Pulau Muda to be handed over to the family” he said. To note, this event is not the first time it happened. Previously, similar things had already happened. Where the victim is one of the freelance workers laborers PT THIP named Jumiati, 33. Jumiati is also known to have been killed by the Sumatran tiger while working at KCB 76 Block 10 Afdeling IV Eboni State, Pelangiran Sub-district, Inhil, on Wednesday (3/1). Various efforts have been made by the tiger rescue team consisting of wildlife conservation BKSDA Riau, members of the army TNI, Inhil Police, Pelangiran Polsek, WWF, and others to reduce the conflict between animals and humans.

Efforts are made by installing a trap camera and trap filled with black goat and pigs. In addition, tiger tigers have also been derived from Aceh. In fact, recently, BBKSDA Riau fielded an anesthesia team to the location as a last resort. However, such efforts have not solved the animal and human conflicts that have occurred.

Sumatera tiger is endangered species, and palm oil plantation with heavy exploitation on reserved forest has left the king of the jungle hungry for wild boar, hares and other prey. The corrupted land management with overlapping residential has made their ecosystem left damaged. Unfortunately the local community with meager income have to live in such risky environment, while the Bossman of such corporation play a thug life in Singapore.




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