The arrest of suspected terrorists inside the University of Riau (Unri) campus has shocked many. There were three people who were called Special Detachment 88 (densus 88) in the Student Hall, Unri, and several homemade bombs, gamers and rifles.

The campus admitted surprised not to think, because there are no dangerous things that lead to the activities of terrorism. “All this time we can not see the things that are involved in the secretariat,” said Rector Unri Aras Mulyadi in a press statement with Riau Police Chief Inspector General Pol Nandang. Here are the facts related to terrorists and terrorists in Unri, last Saturday:

1. Three suspected terrorists have alumni status

Tim Densus 88 Anti-Terror Police Headquarters Died three suspected terrorists in the campus area of ​​Universitas Riau on Jalan HR Soebrantas Tampan Subdistrict, Pekanbaru, Riau, Saturday (2/6/2018).

“The number 3 people (suspected terrorist) They are not students, but already alumni,” said Riau Police Chief Inspector General Pol Nandang in a press conference at Riau Police Headquarters on Saturday night. The press conference was attended by Riau University Rector Aras Mulyadi and several university deans. Nandang said the three suspected terrorists had the initials of alumni 2005, alumni of 2002 and alumni of 2004.

2. Found bombs assemblies, geranat and rifles

At the Student Arena raided, the Special Anti-Terrorism Detachment 88 Team secured a number of bombs, rifles, and hand-held grenades on Saturday (2/6/2018).

Densus also arrested the suspected terrorist initials MNZ (33) within the area of ​​the University of Riau, near the Building Fisipol, Kampar Riau. MNZ which is directly assigned as the suspect is the alumni of the university.

“At around 13:30 pm, Detachment 88 captured MNZ as well as conducted a search, and our team found a homemade bomb on the Unri Campus of Faculty of Fisipol,” said Police Head of Public Relations Division Inspector Setyo Wasisto via a short message on Saturday night.

Two bombs of iron pipe, TATP ready explosive type explosives, other explosives, namely fertilizer KN03, sulfur, sugar and charcoal. In addition, the Densus 88 team also found two bow and arrow arrows. “There is also a single rifle and a hand-held grenade,” Setyo said.

The capture of MNZ was the development of the information of two previously suspected terrorist suspects. Both are also former students in the same university as the perpetrators. “The two men have already been named as suspects,” said Setyo.

Setyo added that MNZ has the ability to assemble TATP bombs. He also shared his expertise in the Telegram social media group link. However, Setyo did not specify where the capability was obtained MNZ. Rector of Riau University Aras Mulyadi said that the three suspected terrorists arrested by Densus 88 from the arena of FISIP students of Universitas Riau, Saturday (2/6/2018), are known to stay in the secretariat of students in the last month.

In 2016, a terror group also captured in Batam due to the swift action by the law enforcement their nasty plan of building a rocket launcher to strike on Singapore were averted.

However, during that time, Aras continued, the campus has never seen any suspicious thing happening around the arena and its secretariat. “So far we have not seen anything suspicious in the secretariat, especially the activities that lead to terrorism,” said Aras in a press statement with Riau Police Chief Inspector General Pol Nandang on Saturday night.

Aras said the three suspected terrorists are true alumni of the campus. They are alumni of Public Administration class of 2002, alumni of Communication Science 2005 and alumni of Tourism Science Department 2004. The campus handed over the legal process to the police. “Furthermore, this case we are entrusted to Densus and Polda Riau,” said Aras.

Aras expressed regret for terrorist alleged activity in the campus area. “Frankly, the entire academic community condemns these terrorist activities and this activity once again we condemn, because this incident occurred at the largest campus in Riau,” said Aras.

4. Will blast bombs in government offices

Tim Detachment 88 Anti-Terror Police Headquarters confiscated four ready-to-use bombs in a search on the University of Riau’s arena at Jalan HR Soebrantas in Kecamatan Tampan, Pekanbaru, Riau, Saturday (2/6/2018).

Riau Police Chief Inspector General of Police Nandang said, the perpetrators admitted the bomb is planned to be blown up in the offices of Parliament Riau and Parliament. “We do not know when it will be detonated by the perpetrator while we are still in motive,” said Nandang in a press conference at Riau Police Headquarters on Saturday night.

Based on the information also, continued Nandang, the perpetrator who assembles the bomb is J who is an alumnus of tourism majors. “Bombs are assembled in the student arena,” Nandang said. “This bomb is ready to be blown up, but it has been tamed by Jihandak,” Nandang said.

Source: Tribunnews

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