SME / MSME has a big role for the economy in Indonesia. Proven when the monetary crisis in 1997, when one by one large companies collapsed, UMKM business is not unsteady and even become the backbone of the economy at that time.

Small-scale business is a stand-alone productive economic enterprise, conducted by an individual or a business entity that is not a subsidiary or not a branch of a company owned, controlled, or becomes a part of the direct or indirect business of a medium-sized or large-scale business that meets the business criteria

Small as defined in this Law. Asset Criteria: Rp 50 million – Rp 500 million, turnover criteria: Rp 300 million – Rp 2.5 billion rupiah. On the other hand, Medium Enterprise is a stand-alone productive economic enterprise, conducted by an individual or business entity that is not a subsidiary or a branch of a company owned, controlled, or becomes part directly or indirectly with a small business or a large business with a net worth or annual sales proceeds as provided in this Law. Asset Criteria: 500 million – Rp 10 Billion, Turnover criteria:> Rp 2.5 Billion – Rp 50 Billion rupiah.

Currently there are thousands of micro businesses in Batam are still active. But only 300 who already have a business license. “If total UMKM total more than 70 thousand but micro and small business I do not understand how much. But certainly there are thousands of these micro. But unfortunately, only 300 have a micro business license, “said the head of the Batam SME office Suleman Nababan, Wednesday (9/5). He said most of the perpetrators of SMEs engaged in services. “We expect more and more micro and small business actors to have business licenses,” he said.

Whereas according to Suleman, by having a business license so many benefits obtained by SMEs. Including mentoring from local governments for SMEs business development. “Local governments are assisting SMEs in this regard to improve the capacity of human resources. In addition there is also a budget or any activity from provinces and centers that are for the development of SMEs, “he said.

Suleman added, for the management of micro business license is now completed at the district level. And the maintenance is free. “Actually very many benefits if there is a micro business license. So we expect more and more will take care of business permit, “he said.

Meanwhile, members of the Commission II of Batam City Council Mulia Rindo Purba said that the empowerment of micro and small businesses must be acknowledged by the government. Where UMKM is the front guard for economic development in Indonesia.

“This should really be our attention. There should be a breakthrough from the government to empower the perpetrators of this MSME, “he said. According to him the government should be able to quickly realize the building that can be a center of promotion of SMEs in Batam. Where the place can be a place to market their products.

“If it is related to the permit, we hope there is awareness of the perpetrators of SMEs, but also must continue to be socialized by the government to the perpetrators,” he said.



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