The ugly experience of a Female DJ Shenny Yang from Singapore about an unpleasant story while traveling in Bali, viral on the country’s social media. The FDJ Shenny Story This certainly must be a concern of the local government because of various bad cases experienced by tourists in areas that rely on tourism as the main income.

Shenny Yang and his friends claimed to have been harassed and their belongings stolen when returning from an entertainment place using an online taxi, at 3:30 a.m. Shenny Yang said that a number of his friends’ cellphones were lost and they were harassed from a group of people on the island.

As reported by, Monday (10/29/2018), the DJ who is also the model posted Instagram Stories and in a blog post entitled “Harrassed and pickpocketed in Bali!” on October 26. According to Shenny’s posting on Dayre’s microblogging site, the incident occurred when she and five female friends left the nightclub Sky Garden using an online taxi.

Suddenly a group of people used motorbikes, intercepted and surrounded Shenny.

“They started touching and persecuting me and I was like shouting for help!”

“I really froze and could only scream for help.”

Shenny’s friends then helped her, but were kicked and pushed. It turned out that the group of people exploited the chaos and confusion to pursue what they really wanted: the girls’ cellphones. Shenny said in her blog post: “6 girls. 3 phones were lost.” Shenny said he believed the people were part of the syndicate and that “the persecution was actually a diversion”.

“We all thought they were trying to harass me, but it was actually a diversion.”

In addition to warning his readers not to fall prey to pickpockets, Shenny also spoke out against the torture of victims. The reason is, an anonymous Instagram user said that he and his friends “deserve to be harassed” because of their clothes.



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