Only 170 restaurants and restaurants have been given healthy healthy permits from the Batam City Health Office. While the number of restaurants, restaurants and coffee shops in Batam City in 2015 alone reached more than 600 businesses. The number is believed to continue to grow along with the development of Batam as a tourism city.

Head of the Batam City Health Office, Didi Kusmarjadi said that if the restaurant business does not go to take care of a healthy decent permit, the operational permit can be revoked.

“If it’s not taken care of, it’s automatically revoked. Because a healthy decent permit is a condition of restaurant operation, “Didi said, Saturday (10/13).

A healthy permit, said Didi, is a standard that must be owned by food businesses. His side along with other Regional Device Organizations such as the Tourism Office has coordinated to discipline restaurants that do not meet this requirement.

“The lowest minimum standard. The most important thing is that they take care of their permission first. If you improve the quality of the sanitation, there will be a team that will help, “he said.

The former Director of the Tanjunguban Riau Islands Hospital said that the licensing was free. The survey team will come to the location to check the kitchen, storage of food ingredients, to clean water, and humidity.

“The place to process it is also checked. For that, those who have not taken care of but have opened a food business, please come to the office, “he said.

Acting Head of the Batam City Tourism Office, Ardiwinata said this healthy decent permit is important for tourists. Visitors who come to Batam, especially foreign tourists, will ask about the cleanliness of this restaurant.

“They are very aware, prioritizing things like this. So in addition to halal certificates, hygiene hygiene of eating places is also a concern for tourists, “said the former Head of Public Relations.



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