Local Regulation (Perda) on the promotion of Malay culture was passed in plenary session. Ports, airports, hotels and restaurants are required to introduce Malay culture. Whether through Malay ornaments, culinary  until the use of Malay languages.

Chief operational port of the international Batam center Sobri welcomed related to the local regulation. Moreover, at the port according to him, not everyone understands English. In addition, the use of Malay language also allows tourists to get information.

“For example tourists who come from Malaysia or Singapore, in general malay language,” he said, Sunday (4/3).

Including the obligation to use Malay clothes on certain days for the port officers are considered to be very selling, as well as exposing Batam as Malay City.

“In terms of tourism is also good, so we have its own characteristics,” he explained.

During this time at the port, said Sobri, clothes used by the port manager is Batik. Malay clothing has not been applied at all.

“So no problem should be. In fact, the better and better (wearing Malay clothes), “he said.

Director of the Airport Business Enterprise (BUBU) Hang Nadim Suwarso also welcomed this regulation. He acknowledged that he will gradually implement the regulation, as well as advise all airport managers, taxi drivers and drivers to wear Malay clothes.

Chairman of the Special Committee (Pansus) of Malay culture promotion regulation, Yunus said, in addition to the obligations of language and clothing melayu, perda also regulate the obligations of hotel managers, airports, ports to introduce there malay customs to the visitors.

“For details will be arranged in socialization program at the same time,” said Yunus.


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