Some tourists are reluctant to swim on the eastern part of Bintan shoreline because the coastal abundant waste of seaweed and sea debris. They prefer to occupy wooden huts nearby while enjoying the food accompanied by the setting sun setting on the beach.

“I was going to swim by chance to see the tidal water. But, fitting know a lot of garbage, not so interested to dive into, “said a tourist from Batam Jimmy when accompanied by Batam-city. Accompanied by his friend Cleo who is an office worker in Singapore, Jimmy revealed, he plans their vacation to Bintan because of its slower pace of life and the white sand beach in Bintan regency is very famous for its beauty. In addition, Bintan is the nearest tourist destination for tourists from Batam and Singapore.

“A bit disappointed, but what can we do about it, maybe it fits to come the end of the year so a lot of this debris filled the shore,” he said. Another tourist from Tanjungpinang city, Ribca can only walk on the coast while enjoying the breeze. Although in fact she was uncomfortable and disgusted because of the amount of seaweed waste on the beach is quite sticky on her feet. “The recent monsoon perhaps change the wind and waves of the sea and cause a lot of seaweed waste,” said the short shoulder-length woman with wearing her beach hat. Seeing this incident, she hopes the local government to mobilize the shoreline community to clean up the garbage debris on the beach. This is done so that tourists comfortable when vacationing to a number of beaches in Bintan. Not only hit the coast of Tanjunguban sakera, seaweed waste is also abundant littering the berakit beach, which is the central fisherman and tourist attraction.

Head of RT 03 Desa Berakit, Firdaus confirmed, a number of fishermen are disturbed due to the abundance of seaweed and waste debris at the beach of Berakit because of the many seaweed debris were caught in the fishermen’s net. if it is tangled to the fishing net, he said, fishing nets will be difficult to use. So it must be cleaned first of seaweed trash, can only use the net.

According to, the bosses of Bintan’s head of tourism department Mr.Luki Zaiman Prawira said, the waste that invaded the coast in bintan regency is an annual cycle that occurs due to the northern wind season. Admittedly seaweed waste, to plastic and others are quite disturbing for tourists on vacation, but the cycle of the end of this year and it cannot be avoided because it naturally happen. Admittedly, a number of resort and hotel businessmen have reported this natural occurrence, but usually they will clean the beach itself. “All understandable, because this natural happen every year end,” he said. According to him, waste seaweed and other abundant in coastal areas in Bintan Regency is not dangerous for tourists, there are even people who use this beach waste to be used as fertilizer.

“If it is rotten, it can be used as organic fertilizer,” he said. He has appealed to resort and hotel entrepreneurs to be vigilant after this annual cycle, because after this usually occurs abundant amount of jellyfish and may cause allergic reaction to skin for tourists. Known for its pristine shoreline with a simpler life, Bintan’s rustic charm has been always preferred than Batam city island.




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