The Batam Authority Office or known as BP Batam, has billion of rupiah to spend on attracting tourism sector in batam. Although miss-spelled badly, the Labirin Park offer a labyrinth course that both enticing and innovative for anyone to try.

Visitors may feel disoriented and lost n that labyrinth park, surely you will feel panic and fear, especially if lost in the forest and do not know the way home. Well, it turns out not only in the forest alone can get lost, but “lost” can also occur in Batam BP office department of agribusiness.

Located on the edge of the north western beach area of Tanjungriau Sekupang, its location itself is also a scary feat. Not far from the public cemetery, the office of agribusiness department of BP Batam is currently being converted from government offices to a family friendly educational attractions of fisheries. Your next visit to the authorities become less boring especially at the location of the labyrinth.

Deputy 4 BP Batam, who also has a tittle in the Army, Major General. Eko Budi Soepriyanto, on his press statement, Tuesday (26/12/2017) said the labyrinth is made as an attraction for visitors who have the time to come there.

“In addition to the labyrinth, Agribusiness Section Office will be developed into Fishery Education Tour under the name Fishersism Tanjungriau BP Batam.”

Not only that, many more attractions are offered there, for example, reflection ponds, fishing ponds, pillow fighting pools, children’s fishing rods, mini wall climbing, fruit vegetable stalls, typical agro and fishery souvenirs, ornamental fish festivals, multifarious races of children and others.

“The plan Fisherism Tanjungriau BP Batam will have its softlaunch in March 2018,” said Eko. Let see whether the BP Batam investment become a brilliant idea to excite the tourism industry in batam city island.



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