The sailing ship KRI Bima Suci-945 (or KRI Bima Suci) is a training ship for cadets / cadets that recently acquired on mid 2017 from  Spain. Noted as a replacement ship of KRI Dewaruci which has been operating since 1953, the new sailing boats will be introduced to every port city in Indonesia. The inauguration of the KRI Bima Suci into the ranks of the indonesian Navy will function as a Naval Cadet Trainer (AAL).

Lieutenant Colonel (P) Widyatmoko Baruno Aji (formerly Commander of KRI Dewaruci) was confirmed as the first commander of KRI Bima Suci, as well as Commander of Ferry Task Force and KJK 2017 which will bring the next generation of KRI Dewa Ruci ship arrived in Batam city of Indonesia’s waters.

KRI Bima Suci performs the first task of crossing operations by sailing from Spain to the indonesia on September 18 2017. On its maiden voyage, the KRI Bima Suci also carries out the mission with codename; Kartika Jala Krida (KJK) 2017 voyage, along with 119 Taruna / Cadet of Navy Academy of Level III Force 64. KJK is an abroad voyage as well as practice platform for AAL Taruna or the Navy training cadet.

The technical design of this tall sailboat has a length of 111.20 meters, a width of 13.65 meters, a drain depth of 5.95 meters, and a maximum height of a 49 meter mast from the upper deck surface. The three-pole Bark class ships have 26 screens with an overall screen area of ​​3,352 square meters. The height of the main deck is 9.20 meters above sea level.

The navy training ship KRI Bima Suci will train the indonesian Navy cadets and will be open for public in Batam to browse around and learn more about the life on board.

The privilege of the KRI Bima Suci lies in its sophisticated navigation navigation instrument, the instrument of purifying sea water into fresh water to its communication devices and digital data.

Despite of its classic design, the KRI Bima Suci have been powered with the latest perks the 21st century can offer. Here is the schedule:

+ Thursday 7th December 2017 12.00pm – 06.00pm

+ Friday 8th December 2017 09.00am – 06.00pm

+ Saturday 9th December 2017 08.00am – 06.00pm

On the final day in Saturday, the indonesian NAVY cadets of KRI Bima Suci sailing ship will also perform Batam city marching parade from BCS Mall to Graha Sulaiman Nagoya. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see for yourself the newest family of Indonesian Navy training ship.



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