Known as Forbes Magazine : Asia’s 50 Power Businesswomen (2011), Karen agustiawan also have a darker side. Astronomical number of salary in Pertamina did not stop her to reject corruption scheme. To enrich themselves, the lowlife of Indonesian elites abuse the position and power that they get to get filthy rich quickly. Corrupted practice in Indonesia knows no boundaries of background. Somehow, a new case unfold every now and then.

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) appoints former President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Karen Galaila Agustiawan (KGA) as a suspect in alleged corruption related to the company’s investment in Australia’s Basker Manta Gummy Block (BMG).

Noted as the first female CEO, she is designated as a suspect based on the Letter of Order of the Suspect Director of Investigation of the Special Prosecutor General for Special Crimes Number: Tap-13 / F.2 / Fd.1 / 03/2018 dated March 22, 2018, “said Head of Law Information Center of AGO M Rum in Jakarta yesterday.

The two other former Pertamina officials namely GP and FS are each designated as suspects based on the Order of Determination of Suspects of the Director of Investigation on Junior Attorney General for Special Crimes Number: Tap-14 / F.2 / Fd.1 / 03/2018 dated March 22 2018 and the Order of Determination of Suspects of the Director of Investigation of the Special Prosecutor General for Special Crimes Number: Tap-15 / F.2 / Fd.1 / 03/2018 dated March 22, 2018. “Based on the results of the calculations of public accountants, the financial loss of the state in this case Rp568 billion, “said Rum.

Previously, the AGO Investigator had already assigned former Manager of Merger & Acquisition (M & A) Upstream Directorate of PT Pertamina (Persero) with BK as suspect based on Letter of Order of Determination of Suspect Director of Investigation at Junior Attorney General Special Crime Number: TAP-06 / F.2 / Fd .1 / 01/2018 dated January 23, 2018. So now the total has been set suspect there are four people.

The case started in 2009, when Pertamina undertook acquisition activities (non-routine investments) in the form of ROC Oil Company Ltd’s purchase of some of the assets (interest participating / IP) in BMG field, Australia. Purchase based on Agreement for Sale and Purchase-BMG Project per May 27, 2009 worth USD31,917,228.

In practice, investigators find suspected irregularities in investment proposals that are not in accordance with investment guidelines in making investment decisions without feasibility study in the form of a complete (final) or final due diligence study and without the approval of the Board of Commissioners.

This resulted in the allocation and use of USD31,492,851 and other cash charges amounting to 26,808,244 Australian dollars did not provide any benefits or benefits to Pertamina. Especially related to the addition of national oil reserves and production. “As a result, there are state financial losses of USD31,492,851 and 26,808,244 Australian dollars or equivalent to Rp568 billion,” added Director of Investigation at Jampidsus AGO Warih Sadono. He added that the suspects are suspected of violating Article 2 paragraph 1, Article 3 of Law Number 31/1999 as amended by Law No. 20/2001 on Amendment of Law Number 31/1999 on the Eradication of Corruption in Article 55 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code . “In this case investigators have examined 67 witnesses, including experts,” said Warih Sadono. Meanwhile, Pertamina Corporate Communications Vice President Adiatma Sardjito said Pertamina fully respects the ongoing legal process and upholds the presumption of innocence. “Pertamina appreciates the ongoing legal process and continues to respect the principle of presumption of innocence,” he told KORAN SINDO via a short message in Jakarta yesterday.

In Indonesia, the wkwkwkwk land of filthy rich people gather their wealth, new corruption cases unfold every day.




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