Drug dealers take various method to smuggle shabu through Hang Nadim International Airport Batam. This time, the drug smugglers tried to take advantage of the moment of Idul Fitri to pass the illicit goods out of Batam. The courier use the moment of going home, named Azis Miswar, 22.

His action was successfully thwarted airport security officers (Avsec), Customs and the Air Force while carrying as many as 3,056 gram of shabu that was hidden into a suitcase on Sunday (3/6). Officers are quite observant to check the azis suitcase, although the condition at that time passengers quite busy entering the terminal departure of Hang Nadim International Airport Batam.

Related to this arrest, justified by the Director of Batam Airport Hang Nadim Airport, Suwarso. “It is true there is that information (arrest of shabu sabu smuggler), at around 07:35,” he said, Sunday (3/6).

Action performed by Azis is quite reckless. Because he brings the shabu without wrapping or hiding in the suitcase lining like the other smuggler before. A total of 3.056 gram of shabu gram was divided into 12 plastic packs. Each packet is only hidden inside the folds of the shirt and pants.

Azis is known to come from Biruen, Aceh, claimed not have any idea that he brought shabu. The suitcase, he admitted were goods from someone he took from the Mukakuning area in Batam.

“He claimed not paid, (for suitcase) he said that someone is asking his favor to just bring it along,” said Suwarso.

Upon entering the Hang Nadim Airport departure terminal, officers did not see the suspicious signs of Azis. He looks casually into the first SCP Hang Nadim, while carrying a suitcase containing shabu.

Suwarso said not knowing which shabu will be taken where by Azis. Because based on the route record on his ticket itenerary, Azis will depart from Batam to Lombok, but first transit in Surabaya.

“He rode the Lion Air JT 178 aircraft take off at 09.00,” said Suwarso.

Currently Azis has been brought by the authorities, for a deeper examination.

He said the curbing of this shabu or crystal meth was due to the alertness of the officers in the field. Suwarso said in Security Check Point (SCP) one or the entrance of the departure terminal was guarded by 10 officers. “From Avsec 7 people, 2 people Customs and one Air Force person,” he said.

Capital punishment is a legal penalty in Indonesia. Although the death penalty is enforced and regularly applied to drug traffickers, drugdealers, and people in possession of modest quantities of illegal drugs.



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