The All Indonesia Bridge Association (GABSI) Riau Islands in cooperation with Batam Enterprises (BP) will held The Batam International Bridge Open Tournament 2018 at Golden View Hotel, 9-15 July. A total of eight teams from overseas have expressed themselves to participate in this championship.

Chairman GABSI Kepri Rusliden said the championships are regularly held every year. “This time stepped on the fifteenth year in organizing,” explained Rusliden during a press conference at the Golden View Hotel, Friday (1/6).

According to Rusliden, the existence of this international bridge championship jam became an Asian athlete test event ahead of the 2018 Asian Games. “This event is very important because it can be a means of warming and testing ahead of the 2018 Asian Games,” explained Rusliden. “Moreover, implemented one month before the implementation of multievent Asian Games. Surely this will be a venue for the provision and funding of bridge athletes in Asia, “he added.

The game of bridge may flex the intellectual muscles but the EU’s top court has ruled that it is not a sport because it involves “negligible” physical activity. The ruling is a blow to the English Bridge Union, which claimed that as a sport the card game qualified for VAT relief on tournament entry fees.

In addition, continued Rusliden, this event can also be a factor supporting the increase of tourism in Riau Islands. “Proven when the championship of the previous year can bring teams from 13 countries and followed 56 teams and 80 couples,” he said. “This proves if this tournament is highly anticipated by athletes bridge from abroad. And it is expected this year the number of participants can increase compared with the previous year, “hope Rusliden.

Rusliden also explained if this year’s championship is divided into three major events with a total prize of Rp 200 million. In addition to Batam International Bridge Open Tournament 2018, also held national championships (kejurnas) Bridge Students and Students. Also will be held referee training and upgrading bride TOT coach.

“Three events are deliberately held in sequence in the hope that participants from national and international can stay long in Batam and Riau Islands. It will also provoke its own income for batam and Riau Islands, “explained Rusliden. For information, this Bridge Student competition was intended to be held in Jakarta. “To further enliven the Batam International Bridge Open Tournament 2018, PB GABSI displaced kejurnas that was originally held in Jakarta to be held in Batam from 9-15 July,” said Rusliden.

While training referees-training TOT trainers intentionally implemented as a venue for coaching on referees and coaches. “This opportunity should not be missed because referees and coaches who follow this event can practice the science directly acquired when Batam International Bridge Open Tournament 2018,” said Rusliden.

“Actually this year we did not hold a championship. But BP Batam asked us to keep organizing, because it has been included in the annual agenda of BP Batam, “Chairman GABSI Kepri Rusliden said explained.

“The training will be held July 10-12, and continued with the implementation of Batam International Bridge Open Tournament 2018. Therefore this will be a valuable stock for the referees and coaches,” he said.

In addition to fighting for cash, this championship will also compete Cup Tourism Minister, MenPAN Cup RB in the main class. It will also be contested by Governor’s Cup, Batam Mayor’s Cup, and Head of BP Batam Cup in Open pair class, Junior Team and Couple.

Rusliden confirmed until Friday (1/6), there are eight teams from overseas who have signed up for this championship. “Eight teams from Singapore, Malaysia, India, England, New Zealand, China, France and Australia,” he explained. “Registration through our wwbsites has been opened from mid May and until the day H championship execution will still be opened. Because this is open tournament, “explained Rusliden.

Rusliden invites local and national bridge athletes to enliven this championship. “This is the biggest bridge championships in Southeast Asia. Not to play, this championship has received recognition from the Asia Pacific Federation of Bridge (PABF) and World Bridge Federation (WBF), “he said proudly.

“Moreover, who will compete is a champion in world level. It is unfortunate if you can not compete and draw the ability of the world champion, “he added.

One thing that according to Rusliden make this championship very interesting because in broadcast live every session of the game to the world through the vacuraph Bridge Base Online (BBO). “Broadcasted slim every sessions by Bridge Base Online (BBO). One of the best vugraphs in the world, “he replied.

“And we are sure if the participants for this year could exceed the participants in the previous year,” concluded Rusliden.

Source: Batampos

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