The Batam City Government through the Regional Tax and Retribution Management Agency (BPPRD) is incessantly socializing and installing tapping boxes in business places. Tapping box is a local tax transaction recording device that is installed on the cash register.

Behind the seriousness of the Pemko Batam in an effort to increase the region’s original income, there are also individuals who want to seek personal gain. The Head of the Batam BPPRD, Raja Azmansyah said that several business actors had reported to him about this person.

“Some reported, visited by unscrupulous people. Therefore we urge entrepreneurs, taxpayers, be careful of offering certain parties who claim to be appointed by BPPRD Batam City to sell cash registers or cash register machines, “he said, Tuesday (10/23).

Azman asserted that Batam City Government never appointed anyone to sell this cash register. Employers can report to the authorities if they find something like this in the field.

“If someone is forced to buy the equipment, please report to the authorities. Batam Government has never appointed anyone about this, “he said.

In 2018, BPPRD targets 500 transaction transaction monitoring devices or tapping boxes installed. Until mid-October the number of installed units has reached 235 units.

As for the target of installation, namely the tax object of restaurants, hotels, entertainment places, and parking. In total there are 1,578 tax objects from these four types of businesses.



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