This month, Batam City Island Government office (Pemko Batam) announces that they procure 36 surveillance cameras (CCTV) that will be installed at 20 points spread in Batam. Planned to be installed next September, this so-called sophisticated `closed-circuit television’ CCTV device is being imported from The United States Of America. If you are asking me, the US of America is very wide and we are not sure which part of it that export the mentioned CCTV to Batam city island.

“The CCTV package plan will arrive in Batam on August,” said Head of Communications and Informatics Office (Komimfo) Batam, Mr. Salim. He mentioned, that the new device will have spy camera capabilities and procured from the legal auction. He also implies that the made by Uncle Sam’s camera does have a good specification.

“We want high quality. That tool can record sound as well, “said Salim. According to him, CCTV installation process has been through several stages of the installation of monitors and poles. Now is the process of installing fiber optics. “The electricity has been prepared,” he added.

Smile you are on camera!. Batam city island will compete with Singapore in terms of built quality, ours is US Made… Wait a minute… even RoboCop nowadays is made in China LOL…

He said the number of CCTV that will be installed not in accordance with the plan in 2016 which is 40 points with the number of cameras about 70 cameras. This happens because of the budget reduction from Rp 7 billion (roughly SGD$712.872) to Rp 5 billion, this budget includes the procurement of servers, poles to rent links. Of the budget, Rp 3 billion for the procurement of CCTV.

The man claims, despite constrained budget, the installation of CCTV will be installed on the spot according to the recommendation of the police and the Transportation Agency (Dishub) Batam. It is not clear yet, who will manage and operate the CCTV system and who will monitor at what office. We can only think that these two agencies needed CCTV apparatus and recommendations because of their duties regarding traffic.

However, there are no further publications on detailed specification nor the makers of such ‘sophisticated’ camera.

Despite his job description, Mr. Salim claimed not memorized all the points that will be installed the camera, but he made certailny sure the locations that are considered vulnerable and essential. Precisely, at the main intersection, some median road point, also close to public facilities. “At Batamcenter near the intersection of Bank Indonesia, ahead of the international port of Batamcenter. In Batuaji ahead of SP Plaza, in Nongsa at Simpang Sambau intersection. In Sekupang near the vicinity of Sekupang international ferry terminal, “he explained in Bahasa Indonesia proudly.

A sedan car burnt on the main road near Sukajadi area and create not so crowded traffic. A CCTV would be efficient to manage such traffic, especially on current condition where Batam economy is very dire and sleepy :v

According to some expert in Google search, a typical surveillance system constitutes of 5 things, cameras, storages, bandwidth or network to connect, a server which will manage the storage, camera and finally the monitors at the monitoring station.

The most important factor of such a solution is the network and it’s also the costliest part and directly dependent on the area to be covered. Ideally, for a large area surveillance solution, a dedicated fiber backbone is used with high-end switches to route and monitor them. one can replace the high-end switches with converters and lower cost switches. Secondly one can use sm fiber cables which are relatively cheaper than mm cables.

Secondly, on storage and server front one can use NAS boxes and higher specification desktops than servers or NAS boxes. similarly, the monitors at the monitoring station can also be customized. Having said that a lot depends on the integrator and budget for management cost to kèep it functionally on the long term and for future expansion.

Well, apparently the folks at Batam city government support the US made product despite recent boycott on many US brands and consumer products in Indonesia. Questionable? anyhow, only God knows what the actual specification is, let’s just hope that the US made camera may prevent the bad guy on hurting someone’s life and improve traffic safety on Batam city island.


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