Batam city governance office planted 3,300 various types of trees along the Madani Bridge flyover to Kabil junction, Batam Center, Sunday (5/6/2018) morning. Batam city governance office invites BP Batam, Police, TNI, Scouting, National Youth Committee of Indonesia (KNPI) Batam and community organizations in tree planting movement.

The most planted tree seedlings are Ketapang Kencana or Almond tree as many as 1300 stems. Also known as Terminalia mantaly, is a kind of shade tree plant. Its horizontal, layered headline, like its one-tailed relative, ketapang T. catappa, makes it also an ornamental garden and garden garden. Ketapang kencana is an endemic plant of Madagascar, but now it is introduced to various tropical regions. The height reaches 40 m and rods stem to 1.5 m. Shaded lined with branches that grow flat and storied; Young trees often look like pagodas. The old and big trees are often seeded (root board), the height can be up to 3 m.

Then the rest Tabebuya, Mahogany, Trembesi, Salam and Flamboyan with 2.000 stems. The tree seedlings are planted along the 3.3 kilometers from the Madurahan to Kijang Simpang Kabil or 46 dots. “This is a substitute for many trees that are cut to widen the road,” said Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi on the sidelines of tree planting, yesterday.



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