20 convicts in Tanjungpinang city of Bintan island will be assigned as day labourer under the Red-White program (21/5/2018).

The inmates involved are those who follow the carpentry education training program. Later the prisoner who will plunge into the field to conduct social activities in the form of construction of public facilities.

“This activity is educated to the targeted citizens, and to the community how the targeted people perform real work by doing the development, improvement of public facilities,” said Head of Rutan Wonyatmoko Tanjupinang Prison after the inauguration.

This activity is a form of devotion of Napi to do better in the middle of society. In addition, as well as acts that can be apologized Napi to the public.”Not intended for correctional facility imagery, but for their apology to the public for having made such mistake.” “Our goal is like that, to make amends,” Rony added.

To determine who the prisoner will go down to the community, of course through a long meeting process. “Since this is out, we have to consider it based on minimum security, so those who have been out of prison soon,” he said.

Technically this activity will begin on August 17th to coincide with Independence Day until October 30, which is the anniversary of Kemenkumham. Some places where social services will be set later along with their budgets.

“For the budget we can invite third parties, or find a sponsor in the form of proposal submission.We will transparently how many results we get for these activities,” he concluded.



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