In Indonesia, legal marriage with the lady being much older than the groom is nothing new. Despite of seen as rare occasions in a patriarchal society and repetitively gain international publication, more and more young and capable groom are now looking for much older bride.

The bridegroom in Riau islands named Syukrin Syah with the age of 30 years and bride named Idah Wahdaniyah who is 60 years old. The Religion Affairs officer from northern District of Lingga, M. Latif, justify the event. “Yes, it is true. I married them couple yesterday (11/15/2017), “he said when confirmed, Thursday (15/11/2017). He also claimed to be surprised with so much news rumors about this marriage that goes everywhere.

Despite of 30 Years age difference, Men from Linga region of Riau marry a Women of 60 Years. The ceremonial of marriage between Syukrin Syah (30) and Idah Wahdaniyah (60) was held in the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) Lingga Utara, Lingga District, Riau Islands Province, Wednesday (15/11/2017).

Latif the man who lead the ceremony explains, before the marriage ceremony happens, KUA officers have been done their duty to cross-check and digging information from both parties.

Once traced, the groom had been decided to already and strongly committed to the groom because he is still single and truly have consented to make such decisions.

Syukrin claimed to have tried to find a mate of capable women, but until the age of 30s, the prospective lady who are not the same age is obtained.

“He said he already had the intention of getting married. We also repeatedly asked him, does he really sure to marry the lady of the same age as her mother and believe the marriage will make them happy? He Continually answered; For sure, “said Latif.

While the bride, said Latif, is a widow of a deceased husband. The groom also had no children and lived alone in his home in Duare’s village.

“The capable Youth, should immediately get married from the courtship there, rather than in a long and tiresome dating here. Hopefully the two of them are happy, “he said when asked for messages for the old bachelors.

He also suggested to register their marriage paperwork properly because it is in accordance with applicable law in Indonesia.