Tourism Department (Dispar) of Riau island provincial government noted, during the period of January-March 2018 as many as 597.106 foreign tourists (foreign tourists) came to Riau Islands. The amount is obtained from four international entrances in Riau Islands.

“Passable, already more than half a million in three months,” said Kadispar Kepri Buralimar, Friday (11/5) in Tanjungpinang. Former Head of Community Empowerment Agency (BPMD) Kepri explained, until last March, as many as 446,415 tourists arriving through Batam. Then through Tanjungpinang 32,718 foreign tourists. Bintan is 96,115 foreign tourists, and Karimun 21,858 foreign tourists. “If the same year in 2017, only 482,329 wise people. Now it means an increase or an increase of 23.80 percent, “Buralimar said.

In March 2018 alone, the number of visits by foreign tourists reached 234,156 visits. Rise 13.69 percent before the number of foreign tourists in the previous month. Because the number of foreign tourists in February 2018 as many as 205,964 visits. When compared with March 2017, the visit of foreign tourists in March 2018 also increased, amounting to 35.06 percent.

“Cumulatively, from January to March 2018, the number of foreign tourists visiting Kepri reached 597,106 visits or an increase of 22.19 percent compared to the number of visits of 488,672 visits,” he explained. He describes, foreign tourists who visited Riau Islands in January-March 2018 welcomed tourists nationals from Singapore with a percentage of 47.04 percent. Malaysia followed 11.86 percent, China 11.09 percent, South Korea 4.69 percent, India 3.17 percent, and others 22.15 percent. The occupancy rate of star-rated hotels (TPK) in Riau Islands Province in March 2018 averaged 55.61 percent or down 3.17 points compared to the ROR of February 2018 of 58.78 percent.

Knowing the average length of Indonesian guests and guests at star-rated hotels in Kepri in March 2018 is 2.01 days, or up 0.05 points with the average length of guests in February 2018. “The target reference is the same as the Regional Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) of 2.22 million foreign tourists, already above 26 percent.

While the national target of about 25 percent. Because the target number is 2.4 million, “lid Buralimar. Separately, members of Commission II DPRD Kepri Onward Siahaan said, looking at the graph of the current visit of foreign tourists, he expects all parties to jointly maintain regional kondusifitas. Therefore, and comfort to be a determinant factor for the coming of foreign tourists coming to Kepri.




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