Batam City Government is developing applications for smartphone devices to manage the road traffic in Batam. This application is connected to closed circuit television (CCTV) which has been installed at some point of the road in Batam.

Headof Batam City Communication and Informatics Department Mr. Salim said that so far the main server development has been completed and CCTV applications are being tested for web and playstore services (iOS and Android). “We will show all the patterns, but we still ask for full identity registration for people who want to use the application,” Salim said on Saturday (4/11) yesterday.

Salim explained that currently the team of Kominfo ( communication & information department) is processing the test. in the APK (Android Package) which will later be successfully transferred to the PlayStore. “Hopefully in early December can be used by the community,” said Salim.

The man explains, 20 point areas that have been installed CCTV in the city of Batam. all accessible and viewable with maximum 4 display on screen and device screen. The purpose of CCTV access, Salim added, as a one form of public service for residents of Batam to easily determine and navigate the path that will be used when cruising the road.

The app if it’s actually work, Indeed a worthy addition for big city in Indonesia such as Jakarta or Medan, however Batam City island is a small city with merely 1 million people. Is the city budget is necessary to be spent on pointless app development?