What kind of budget support for HIV / AIDS prevention in Batam City? Secretary of Commission IV of Batam City Legislative Council, Udin P Sihaloho, who were asked this matter by the batampos press directly apologized. “I personally apologize. This is our weakness in the Batam parliamentary although it is negligent and we did not accommodate HIV prevention this year due to zero budget when the budgeting function is in us, “he said.

In 2016, the Batam city government budgeted the cost of preventing sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS in Batam amounting to Rp 748,950,100. Since then, there is no longer a budget with budgetary reasons Pemko Batam deficit. “The focus of Batam city island government is current physical infrastructure development. Institutionally we support, but should not rule out the development of morals in this city, “he said.

Although there is no special budget on the handling and socialization of HIV / AIDS prevention this year, Udin believes that Pemko Batam through the Education Office and the Health Office should continue to educate their general budgets. Batam Health Office (Diskes), for example. 2017 Budget of Rp154.3 billion. The amount is beyond the budget of Rp 98.877 billion. “It should be used from the fund,” he said. While the next 2018, Health Office has a budget of Rp 133.1 billion and RSUD of Rp 96.3 billion.

While the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is only Rp 280 million. Far down from 2016. “Despite the decline, please set aside funds from there for health socialization, especially HIV-AIDS prevention,” he explained.

Not just a crunch budget for HIV / AIDS prevention in Batam, it turns out that the Regional Regulation (Perda) or Batam Mayor Regulation on HIV / AIDS Control in Batam City also does not exist yet. In fact, the Public Health Department of Batam city noted; the number of gays who checked into the clinic Voluntary Counseling Test (VCT) in Batam in 2016 are 386 people. Of that number, 194 people or 50 percent are HIV positive. When compared with female sex workers (WPS) in the same year, out of 935 people with health checks, only 90 were HIV positive. Likewise with high-risk couples, of 435 people who checked in 2016, only 89 were HIV-positive. Compare also with sex worker customers (PPS) of 820 people who followed the examination, only 170 people were HIV positive. Others from 7,179 people, HIV positive only 127 people. Still higher that HIV positive among gays. Likewise when compared with the transvestites. Of the 386 who tested health in 2016, there were 16 people who were HIV positive.

The number of HIV AIDS carrier in Batam is at the highest number rates. It is predicted that the actual number may reach double or triple than that.

Compared to the convicts of the public prison of 557 who took the test, only 9 were HIV positive. Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) who are infected with HIV are small. Of the 10 people who checked themselves only one was HIV positive. Similar conditions also occur in 2017.

Datafrom the Health Service and AIDS Prevention Commission of Batam City said the transmission of HIV / AIDS from among men same-sex enthusiasts also dominate. January through September alone, of the 271 gay men who checked in VCT, both in hospitals and first and advanced health facilities, nearly half (129 people) or 47.6 percent HIV positive. While transsexuals who tested from 60 people, 12 were HIV positive. Female sex worker (CSW) of 1,280 who tested, 41 HIV positive.

Customers of 721 tested sex workers, 91 HIV positive, others from 4,960 tested, 52 HIV positive. High risk couples from 403 who were examined, 47 HIV positive. The targeted prisoners 71 are tested, none of which are HIV positive. “Transmission from fellow men is the highest,” said Head of Health Office of Batam, Didi Kusmarjadi, Thursday (30/11). The number is still smaller than the real conditions in the field. Because, there are still many men who are reluctant to check for fear of identity revealed. There are still many who feel themselves safe, even though never do same-sex relationships. Therefore, he asked the people of Batam to stay away from unhealthy sexual behavior. Besides being prohibited by religion, it is also very risky in HIV / AIDS transmission. “Behave normal and faithful to a legitimate partner,” said Didi. The 21-year-old HIV / AIDS counselor who handles HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) patients.

Dr. Francisca L Tanzil, also confirmed that the trend of HIV / AIDS transmission over the last few years is more widespread among men. “The people who carrying HIV in Batam city island are of gays, followed by housewives, then minors,” said the doctor who is familiarly called Sisca, when met at the Kasper HIV Counseling and Testing Clinic, Pavilium Anyelir, Budi Kemuliaan Hospital (RSBK ) Batam, on Thursday (30/11) last week.

In terms of transmission, although women are more vulnerable than men because of the position and form of genital anatomy, but in Batam, many findings of cases of people living with HIV due to same sex, including bisexual. In the gay world, based on the acknowledgment of his patients, Sisca’s doctor reveals, this same male couple have played a role as men and women. Generally the role of women (bottom) is most vulnerable to HIV / AIDS. “They are sodomized. It is vulnerable to contracting this disease, ” She implied again. Even so, both of these couples can be affected because of the alternating role and mutually exchanging couples between their fellow community.

She also said that generally her counseling members were of police, active military, bank employees, and various professional backgrounds. But most of them are gym goers (fitness). Few also come from legally married family man and have children. But their personal identity remains mandatorily secret. Doctor Sisca also mentioned, more and more Batam city island residents who come for counseling session with her.

In addition to the information that has been more and more easily accessible on the internet, awareness of vulnerable people are also higher for self-examination and counseling. “This month is a lot. An average of 30-40 new patients per month. That number only checked in the Budi Kemuliaan hospital alone, not elsewhere, “said doctor Sisca. She also showed data for the last 10 months. The number of Batam residents who are counseling to her hospital are 4,145 people. Of these, 4,123 of them followed rapid tests or rapid diagnostic tests through blood checks to identify positive or negative HIV / AIDS. Of the 4,123 people who tested the blood, 294 people tested positive for HIV. “The most men, 182 people, the remaining 103 women,” said Sisca. Unfortunately, of the 294 HIV-positive patients, nine of them are still under the age of 14 and are already at the stage of AIDS.