In total of five units of houses in the Sei Lekop, Tanjung uncang region of Batam city island, was badly damaged by tornado on Monday (4/12/2017). The cyclone that devastated the five houses in South-western part of Batam occurred at 14.00 pm, when heavy rain fell and lightning struck. The condition of the six houses was badly damaged.

One house was totally blown away by the whirlwind. The premises are known to be the housing area for working class heavy industries workers. During the time, many of them are not in their house. Luckily, no one is badly injured as this article published.

Three of the five house houses are located in the Sei Lekop Housing Block B number 1 and Block A number 200, and 90 Rt 05 / Rw 10, the other two houses are located in the Lot of Block A blocks number 1 and 2. Currently the residents are doing mutual help to clean up the rest of the debris that is still concerned above the house.

The recent cyclical winds not only felt in the southern part of Indonesia, but also in Batam city island. No help has been deployed by the city disaster relief body.