To commemorate the Indonesian Youth Pledge day that will be remembered on 28 of October 2017, Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia (abbreviated as Kemenpora) and the Batam City Government will held the welcoming and opening of Youth Pledge parade 2017 at Engku Putri town center Field for two consecutive day on 14th – 15th, Saturday to Sunday from 08.30 am till finish.

The ceremonial and welcoming events will be opened in Friday in Hang Nadim Airport, while the fun cultural festivities will be held in the next day.

The Youth Pledge (IndonesianSumpah Pemuda) was a declaration made on 28 October 1928 by young Indonesian nationalists in the Second Youth Congress (IndonesianKongres Pemuda Kedua). They proclaimed three ideals, one motherland, one nation and one language under the unity on diversity spirit.

Locally known as Kirab Pemuda 2017, the national events will be filled with parades, costumes of traditional arts, dances, song and many more. Not only posed as a good family friendly events, the Youth pledge parade 2017 will be the melting pot of Indonesia’s cultural heritage and introduce the social harmony within its youth in Batam city island.

The Youth Pledge Day 2017 are known to remember the historical meetings of all the youth and scholar meetings more than 100 years ago. The historical events lit the sparks for the Indonesian independence movement against the Dutch colonial, the very first Indonesian youth congress was held in Batavia, the former name of Jakarta, capital of the then-Dutch East Indies in 1926. It produced no formal decisions but did promote the idea of a united Indonesia.

Back in 2015, the Youth day pledge events or also known as the Youth Jamboree presents the most extensive cultural exposure in Batam city island. You can peek into the rich cultural heritage that is authentically indonesia. The events are not only open to public but also free for everyone to see and colorfully instagrammable as well!.

In October 1928, the second Indonesian youth congress was held at three different locations. In the first session, the hope was expressed that the congress would inspire the feeling of unity. The second session saw discussions about educational issues. In the third and final session, held at Jalan Kramat Raya No, 106, on October 28 participants heard the future Indonesian national anthem Indonesia Raya by Wage Rudolf Supratman. At that time, the congress closed with a reading of the youth pledge.

The national youth rally events will be presented by 34 selected youths talents from 34 provinces of Indonesia. Posed as the role model for Indonesian youth, they are on the road to promote the national values for 72 days to all parts of Indonesia. Batam city island as one of the corner spot of Indonesia will be the sixth point to become the hub of this 2017 Youth Coverage.

Batam-City supports the cultural events hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports program and Batam city island government by promotion and other arrangements. Do not hesitate to contact us for details. May you guys have a colorful weekend with smiley memories… 🙂







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