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Batam City is a city that became its own destination for foreign tourists. The nightlife the city has to offer has become an attraction.

It happened when the four tourists were booking a night lady, in a hotel in Batam City. Four horny tourists from India deceived by sex workers (locally called PSK) who operates in Nagoya, Batam City Island. Have not had time to accompany, suddenly the woman went somewhere. Puri one of the tourists told the batamnews.co.id in Nagoya Saturday (18/08/2017) said the incident lasted yesterday afternoon.

He and three of his friends had booked the two women for Rp1.2 million for one night. Then the transaction was done and the two women were invited to dinner. At dinner, they suddenly run away using a motorcycle with a man. “I paid in full, all the money in advance,” said Puri.

After the woman escaped, Puri claimed to try to contact them via mobile phone but no answer. “I try to call her, but their number inactive,” he said.

Puri and his friend felt very disappointed. The reason this holiday is their first trip to Indonesia. “Indonesia people is bad, not bad, but very bad,” said Puri, who looked disappointed. Puri is a businessman in India, he and his friends come to Batam on vacation. To complete their sexual conquest, these four friends have traveled to Malaysia, and Singapore.

According to him in Malaysia let alone Singapore much better for tourists. “I will never come here again (Batam),” said Puri. Castle has no good reason to go back to Batam. When asked whether he would return to Indonesia next time, he replied. “Why did I come back to Indonesia?”

The gang of horny indian gentlemen aware that this incident is normal in Indonesian, but not for everyone. “I understand, but I think Indonesian people are very very bad,” he said. He continued, this incident will definitely happen again. “For example, I want to sell this cigarette one rupiah? Suddenly, the price changed into two rupiahs, what do you think? “He said as he cited a cigarette in his hand.

If these horny gentleman report to the local police, they will surely be having a cold night in jail and forced to empty their pocket as vice-related activities are illegal in Indonesia.




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