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The democratic event led by hundreds of taxi driver in Batam, Riau Islands are due to protesting against 3 major online taxi fleet. UBER, Go-Car, Grab and other online taxi companies are known to open their Batam branch and offices. The masses joined in FPNT (Forum Peduli Nasib Taxi) and FKPTPB (Driver Taxi Driver Forum of Barelang Port). They convoy heading to the office of the mayor and lower house parliament representative of Batam today Wednesday (August, 2nd 2017) since at 08.00 pm. In addition, the mob also raided the black plate taxi that used to operate at Hang Nadim Airport.

The taxi uncle mob are now parking their taxi and focusing their activities near the Agung mosque of Batam center all the way to Bank Indonesia intersection. Regarding the action, one of the organizers of the taxi organization in Batam,  explained there are 13 operators in Batam with 15 bases. The total fleet is more than 4000 units island wide.

Back in 2012, the gang of taxi uncles also wreak a havoc due to the expansion of national taxi carrier Blue bird companies to Batam city island. At that time the mob burn used tires on road and intersection with several others fiercely attacking that particular taxi’s fleet.

Notorious GTA style incidents also occur several weeks ago when a group of singaporean tourist being questioned and pushed over at Nagoya hill shopping mall. On Mega mall also, a malaysian families are having their holiday nightmare as they are going to call the online taxi provider which then disrupted by the taxi drivers. The smart guy at the local government office seemingly very attentive in providing them the time and space after such incidents. Last week, local transportation officer also reportedly making several ‘fake’ order to impound on the online taxis.

Until now there are no signs that the local Batam city government (Pemko Batam) respond to the demands of the taxi driver. But the taxi driver admitted that he would continue to urge the mayor not to give a new taxi permit. Last time they do this, it always avail to unfruitful response.



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