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Batam Island was first inhabited by the Malays as the strait people since the year 231 AD. The island that once served as the field of struggle of Admiral Hang Nadim against the Dutch colonial invaders and was used by the government in the 1960s as a petroleum logistics base on Sambu Island.

In the 1970s, the president of Indonesia Soeharto at that time have the initial goal of making Batam Indonesia as a satellite city of Singapore, according to Presidential Decree number 41 year 1973, Batam Island is designated as working environment of industrial area supported by Batam Island Industrial Development Authority or better known as Batam Authority Body (BOB) as the driving force for the development of Batam.

Nowadays the Agency of Batam (BP Batam). With the rapid development of the island of Batam, in the 1980s, based on Government Regulation No. 34 of 1983, the sub-district of Batam, which is part of the Riau Islands District, was upgraded to Batam municipality with the task of running government administration and society and support the development of Batam Authority (BP Batam). In the era of reform in the late 1990s, with Law No. 53 of 1999, Batam administrative municipality changed its status to an autonomous region, namely the Batam City Government to carry out government and development functions by involving the Batam Authority Body (BP Batam).

Known as the largest city in Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. Batam City Region consists of Batam Island, Rempang Island and Galang Island and other small islands in the Straits of Singapore and the Malacca Strait. Batam Island, Rempang, and Galang connected by Barelang Bridge. According to the Population and Civil Registry of Batam City per 2015, the population of Batam reaches 1,037,187 inhabitants.

Happy 188th birthday Batam-city… The city of hope for all of us Indonesian. Hopefully in 200th Batam-city can have a prosperous future and sophisticated lifestyle with eco-friendly business development…




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