In a calm Saturday morning (10/2/2018), terrorists attack the Catholic Church of St. Lidwina Bedog, Sleman. The attack took place during the morning congregation.

According to Twitter account @yasintavaniaa the perpetrator who attacked entered the church area with a sharp weapon. “Just this morning St. Lidwina Church, Bedog, Sleman attacked the same person who brought the sword during the morning mass,” wrote Twitter account @ yasintavaniaa.

Jadi Korban, Romo Prier Sedang Bantu Layani Misa Gereja Lidwina

Until now there has been no information from the police regarding the tragedy of the attack. Not yet clear how many victims of this attack. But according to Twitter @prastow account, there are injured. “There was an attack in a mass at the chapel in Jogja, Pastor Prier, SJ was hacked and hurt.Sadly, Jogja is so like this,” writes @prastow Twitter account.

This incident certainly makes many parties restless. Even the former chairman of Muhammadiyah, Buya Syafii down directly review the scene. The events are still unclear but the following chronology is explained @yasintavaniaa Twitter account.

1. Chronology: the time of mass (worship) suddenly there is someone who entered the church with a sword & wounded the head of Father Prier who was carrying Mass. Now he is in RS Panti Rapih.

2. Current state of the church: The church is seen as a police line & the conditions within the church are devastated. Until the head of the statue of Our Lady was also beheaded.

3. Update the victim there are some people who rushed to UGM Academic Hospital & Panti Rapih Hospital. Currently the perpetrators have been secured and questioned by the local police (Sleman, DIY). Hopefully this incident does not happen again & can be solved fairly.

4. Update: The perpetrator is currently being treated at RSA UGM as well as being injured. Hopefully his condition quickly improved & can follow the applicable legal process.

Sleman – Attacker of Santa Lidwina Church, Sleman, wounded the priest who was presiding at the mass at the time, Fr. Karl Edmund Prier. Father Prier is currently undergoing treatment.

Romo Prier is a German missionary who came to Indonesia in 1964. Father Prier has been known as the figure behind the Yogyakarta Liturgical Music Center.

“He is active in PML, still at PML, teaching cultural inculturation music combinations between traditions,” said Chairman of the Commission for Justice and Peace of the Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Semarang, Endra Wijayanto, Sunday (11/2/2018).
Quoted from the thesis titled ‘BIOGRAPHY KARL-EDMUND PRIER TRAVEL LIFE AND ITS WORKS’ by Rianti Mardalena Pasaribu, Father Prier has worked in the field of liturgical music inculturation

Father Prier studied music in Germany until he was called to become a monk and continued his Novitiate studies in the Jesuit Society and undertook philosophical studies in Munich. In 1960, came an offer for missionary work in Indonesia.

Father Prier pioneered the Yogyakarta Liturgical Music Center, especially as a container of liturgical music inculturation. On July 11, 1971, PML Yogyakarta was establishedRomo Prier Korban Penyerangan Gereja di Sleman akan Jalani Operasi.


Quoted from PML’s Facebook page in Yogyakarta, Father Prier created several songs of Psalms. The songs include “Rise Up” (MB 319) and “Misa Raya II” (MB 177 ff). Some books by Romo Prier include Music Shape (1996) and Music Dictionary (2009).

Father Prier is currently being treated at Panti Rapih Hospital, Yogyakarta. The latest news, Romo Prier had surgery because of injury when attacked.



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