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After being fully trained by IS, Director of BP Batam returned back to Indonesia

Saturday last week, dozens of Indonesian Citizens (Citizens) who had joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is returning back t Indonesia. They consist of 12 women and five adult males. Among them there are three toddlers, one 13-year-old teenager, and two...
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Taxi drivers in Batam city island are on strike

The democratic event led by hundreds of taxi driver in Batam, Riau Islands are due to protesting against 3 major online taxi fleet. UBER, Go-Car, Grab and other online taxi companies are known to open their Batam branch and offices. The masses joined in FPNT (Forum...
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36 American Made CCTV will be installed by the city government of Batam city island

This month, Batam City Island Government office (Pemko Batam) announces that they procure 36 surveillance cameras (CCTV) that will be installed at 20 points spread in Batam. Planned to be installed next September, this so-called sophisticated `closed-circuit...
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