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World’s Leading social network provider Facebook will open an office in Jakarta later this month as part of the requirements for its operation in Indonesia said Communications and Information Ministry director general of information applications Samuel Abrijani Pangerapan in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Samuel was speaking after meeting with Facebook representatives, Alvin Tan, head of public policy for Southeast Asia and Jeff Wu, trust and safety director for Asia Pacific. Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara also attended the meeting.

Mr,Facebook is having a moment with Mr.Indonesia.

“The office will be opened as a permanent business entity in South Jakarta,” said Samuel as reported by kontan.co.id, adding that the official opening was one of the three agreements made during the meeting.

Facebook will also establish specific business activities (KBLI) as required by the existing regulations for the type of business run by Facebook, Samuel said.

Facebook further expressed its commitment to deal with prohibited content on radicalism, terrorism, and pornography said the official.

Samuel added that Facebook would block all pornographic content for Indonesia users. “In other countries, they have several levels of pornographic content, but in Indonesia, all pornographic content is prohibited,” he added.


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