Dwi Hartanto, doctoral student at Technisse Universiteit Delft Netherlands, who has been mentioned as the successor of Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, the well known ex-president who built indonesia’s first Cesna class aircraft (The photo shows his selfies with mr.BJ Habibie). Dwi Hartanto posed himself on many TV shows in Indonesia as the expert in the field of satellite technology and rocket scientist, who turned out to be a big lie.

Hartanto finally admitted to lying about his claims to the public, after a number of indonesian scientists conducted an independent investigation of the young man’s claims. His nasty claims diminished the image of his university as well as the folks at his home town.

The letter of acknowledgment and expression of Hartanto’s apology was published through Delft’s Indonesian Student Association (PPI) online page on Saturday (7/10) last weekend, and shocked scientists and many Indonesians alike.

“I express my greatest apologies to all those who have been harmed by the unfair dissemination of information (by themselves) with regard to my personal, competence, and achievements,” Dwi wrote in the stamped letter.

Dwi’s name is really sticking out and become a byword among scientists and citizens of Indonesia at the end of 2016. At that time, he became a participant of the as a Visiting World Class Professor events held by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesia with the Association of Indonesian International Scientists.

In the event that was attended by more than 40 scientists and researchers diaspora Indonesia from various parts of the world, Dwi Hartanto expressed his claims that make many people stunned. Inevitably, he is referred to as “BJ Habibie’s successor”. Among other notorious claim that he made on public, here’s a list of claims Dwi Hartanto which apparently just a lie:

Claimed to be a graduate of Tokyo University

Dwi since long time mengumbar biodata himself that he is a graduate of science science Tokyo University, a very prestigious in the world.

Apparently, through the apology letter, Dwi admitted he only graduated from the Institute of Science and Technology AKPRIND Yogyakarta. At the institute, he was listed as a student of Informatics Engineering course at the Faculty of Industrial Technology. He graduated in 2005.

Age Corruption

Dwi on a number of occasions interviews to media and television shows in Indonesia admitted still 28 years old. Apparently he was 35 years old. He was born on 13 March 1982.

Admits Posdoktoral Assistant Professor of Aerospace TU Delft

The young man had time to indulge himself as post-doctoral Asistent Professor aerospace at Technische Universiteit (TU) Delft. Predicate that he got because he focused on researching satellite technology and rocket development.

In fact, he’s just a regular doctoral student at TU Delft. His research is also not about satellites or rockets, but intelligent systems. He wrote a dissertation on virtual reality.

Rocket Scientist funded by a leading European country.

Not only that, the project was also not funded by the Dutch Ministry of Defense, nor the aerospace and space agencies of the Netherlands as claimed. The student team undertook the design of an amateur rocket project.

Dwi admitted to the mass media in Indonesia to design Satellite Launch Vehicle and rocket called The Apogee Ranger version 7s (TARAV7s).

“Actually, I’ve only been a member of the student team designing one of the embedded flight computer subsystems for DARE’s Cansat V7s rocket (Delf Aerospace Rocker Engineering), which is part of the student rocket activity at TU Delft,” admitted Dwi through his written statement .

When he became a guest star of a famous talk show in one of the national private television stations, Dwi claimed the rocket would be used on the international space station. He himself claims to be the technical director. Apparently, it’s all a lie.

It was a fun and harmless rodeo to fool your own countrymen isn’t? A big hoax like him did not deserve a proper place on Indonesian academic society nor anywhere else. At least our guys at Batam-City stay humble about ourselves. 🙂




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