A loud explosion was reported at a Catholic church in Gubeng, Surabaya, East Java on Sunday morning, according to media reports. “Yes, there was an explosion, at around 7 a.m.,” a police officer at Gubeng Police Station said as quoted by kompas.com. The local police extend the perimeter over 500 meter from the affected vicinity. From the CCTV and eyewitness, the Catholic church were attacked by suicide bomber on motorbike while in Protestant church were by a female suspect with two children on front gates and the other pentecostal church by a city car. Police has captured 4 suspect, 2 of whom are university students from Jakarta and Lampung city, while the other two are salaryman from central Java.

When the incident happened this morning around 07.10, the first mass done at 05.30 was just finished. While the second mass at 07.30 has not started yet. Hence the situation of the people at the first mass partly out of the church and the people from the second mass are preparing to enter the church. The attacks in the predominantly Muslim country came days after police ended a riot and hostage-taking at a detention center near Jakarta that left five dead and five injured. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility on those riots.

“For now there are 10 people died, while for injured there are 41 people so far,” said Head of Public Relations of East Java Police Commissioner Frans Barung Mangera in Surabaya, Sunday (13/05/2018). The process of handling is still in progress. Bomb squad unit conducted a bombing in GKI Diponegoro church as a form of neutralization. The church bombing in Surabaya was waged in three churches. First location in the Immaculate Santa Maria Catholic Church at Ngagel North Madya Street, both Indonesian Christian Churches on Jalan Diponegoro 146 and third Central Pentecostal Church of Surabaya (GPPS) at Jalan Arjuna.

Police say the death toll of church bombings in Surabaya has continued to grow. In the meantime, 9 people were killed and 40 injured.

The blasts all occurred within 10 minutes of each other, police said, with the first explosion at 7.30am (0030 GMT). Police only gave details of the attack on Santa Maria catholic church as they suspect active bomb can be found anytime within the vicinity. There have been no claims of responsibility.

A mother with two children are suspected to be bombers at GKI Surabaya church. Police are still steeped in the identity of the alleged perpetrator. “All evidence is still being investigated,” said Head of Public Relations of East Java Police Frans Barung Mangera told reporters in Surabaya, Sunday (13/05/2018).

The vile action of perpetrator of mother and two children was revealed by Antonius, one of the witnesses of the incident. “I saw two children and his mother came with 2 bags,” said security guard, Antonius told reporters on location, Sunday (13/4/2018). Initially, officers blocked the mother in front of the churchyard fence around 07:45 pm. But the mother was still trying to enter. Suddenly she hugged the officer and the bomb explodes after.

“We have confirmed one died at the scene, one died at the hospital, two police officers were injured and there are some civilians injured,” Mangera said. “In total 13 people are being treated at the hospital.”

Indonesia is home to significant numbers of Christians, Hindus and Buddhists but there are concerns over rising intolerance. Extremists have mounted a series of attacks against Christians and other minorities in recent years.

These acts of terrorism often target the government of the Republic of Indonesia or foreigners in Indonesia, most notably Western visitors, especially those from the United States and Australia. In June 2015, Indonesia was taken off the Financial Action Task Force blacklist of ‘Non-Cooperative Countries or Territories’ (NCCTs) due to Indonesia no longer being non-cooperative in the global fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. That gives Indonesia the same status as other major economies in the G-20.





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