Batam Enterprises Agency (BP Batam) continues to finalize the development plan of Tanjungpinggir in Sekupang. This investment management agency wants to build the area as an integrated point of interest area which is a blend of industry, tourism and MICE.

In the near future, a well known Balinese artist I Nyoman Nuarta-maker of Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue in Bali will meet the chairman of BP Batam.

“We will meet next week to discuss the work of new icon as a place of art in Tanjungpinggir,” said Deputy II BP Batam, Mr. Yusmar Anggadinata, recently.

The icon to be built is a statue of the Sea Eagles that resembles a very high resemblances with BP Batam logo.

“We want to make a bigger statue of the Sea Eagles. So from Singapore can be seen clearly, “he said eagerly.

Thus, Batam city island will be better known as a tourist destination. Angga hopes the number of tourist visits to Batam, especially abroad will increase by having this gigantic icon of BP Batam.

“The stay of tourists in Batam can also be longer,” hope Angga.

Angga then explained infrastructure development including one of the focus of work in the new leadership of BP Batam. Tanjungpinggir coastal area development will emerge as an integrated area indeed has been started in the era of leadership of mr. Hatanto Reksodipoetro as Head of BP Batam. Director of Promotion and Public Relations of BP Batam, Purnomo Andiantono said that the planning was still in the early stages of the study.

“Now it is on the stage of finalizing the design. Later on, new land conditions will be managed further. Eagle is chosen because it is a typical animal Kepri, “said Andi.

Previously, former Deputy IV BP Batam, Purba Robert M Sianipar said BP Batam plans to create a new icon in Tanjungpinggir as a place of art in Batam city island.

The idea of ​​creating a new icon is in line with the plan of BP Batam to make Tanjungpinggir, starting from next to the resort to the golf course as an integrated area. An interesting combination of industry, tourism and MICE.

“Batam needs some kind of new icon. There should be an icon in Batam that is used as a place of art expression. Because Indonesia is rich in art, but the place to express art does not exist yet in Batam city island that is comparable to Singapore, “said Robert