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Batam investment authorothy or BP Batam will hold an international-scale cultural festival themed BP Batam International Culture Carnival 2017. The event is planned to be held on Jalan Imam Bonjol, Nagoya, on Saturday (16/12/2017). The festival is part of the 188th anniversary of the Batam Anniversary.

Deputy of General Services of BP Batam, Bambang Purwanto said that this international event is intended as a routine agenda that will be held every year. Not only just celebrating Batam anniversary, but with the hope of Batam can be known more widely by countries in the world. So that can attract foreign tourists visit to Batam. “There will be Malay cultural art as well as cultural archipelago, with this activity we certainly hope to preserve Indonesian culture in the country,” said Bambang.

Not only will be enlivened cultural arts course, there will also be presenting a typical culinary tour of the archipelago. Culinary diversity will be presented so that it can be known by foreign tourists that Indonesia has many traditional traditional food.

Bambang admitted at this time BP Batam is not only focus in developing industry, but also will develop tourism. Because the natural destinations have tremendous potential, so it needs seriousness to build a tourist destination. That’s why in 2018 it has been preparing many tourism programs. “Batam is very extraordinary, with carnaval hopefully Batam can globalize. So that not only foreign tourists but also will many investors who come, “he explained.

Director of Promotion and Public Relations of BP Batam, Purnomo Andiantono added, the event was held is nothing but a form of real support of BP Batam in the anniversary of Batam. Then also as support in increasing the visits of foreign tourists to Batam. “This festival we held was intended to commemorate the 188th anniversary of Batam. In addition to stimulating the economy, is expected to attract tourists at the end of this year, “he said.

This cultural festival will feature the culture of the archipelago and the carnival parade. The concept resembles a cultural festival in Jember, East Java. Not only filled artists of the archipelago, but also abroad. The carnival parades that are featured include the Carnival Sangsapurba, Tepak Sirih, Regalia or Cogan, Makyong, Jong, Seafood Paradise, and the art parade of the archipelago.

Cultural festivals will also be enlivened by modern art, such as fire juggling, fire dance, Brazilian dance, and Belly Dance. Then contest body painting, bartender competition, Batam Guitar Family, BBDC Bassline, BJS Big Band, Erio Hutomo, Yemercy, Beungeud, Batam Hip Hop, 3D Mapping, Road Root, and Orange Dusk.

It will also featured well known traditional dances such as Ogoh-Ogoh of Bali, Topeng Ireng Magelang, Tor-Tor North Sumatra, Ondel Ondel Betawi, Tempurung West Sumatra, Dayak, Bugis, Gending Sriwijaya, and Papua.

“The event will also feature performance from Iyeth Bustami, Russian DJ Maria Potapova, Bahana Barelang Marching Band, and Art Wear Fashion parade of traditional nusantara cloth as well.


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