The Batam Authority (BP) eliminates the policy requiring the applicant to the Right to Acquisition (IPH) to include the Master Locating Number (PL) number prior to submission in the Land Registration Office. In addition, the applicant who is the owner of the property will no longer have to pay a penalty for the previous IPH-IPH not recognized by BP Batam.

“We want to make it easier for people in property transactions. They need it and we do not want to complicate them, “said Deputy III BP Batam Dwianto Eko Winaryo. Previously, IPH applicants had to include a parent’s OM number before submitting an IPH. The policy is very burdensome. Because basically looking for the number of the parent PL should be to the developer of the housing. “If the developer company is not exist anymore, it becomes impossible to look for them,” added Dwi.

As for fines, IPH applicants only have to pay IPH fees twice as much as the previous IPH penalty which is equal to the IPH value and the applicant’s IPH fee at the time of the transaction. Previous Values, BP Batam requires the last owner to pay IPH-IPH from the previous owner, where once many cases of property sale took place without including IPH alias unknown BP Batam. The process is illegal.

“We put off the fine completely. we lose money, but this is to accelerate the needs of people who need property transactions quickly, “he explained. Terms are also simplified. IPH currently has only three requirements from the previous 17 requirements, namely NPWP, KTP and deed of establishment and ratification.

While the 42 procedures passed before were reduced to four only. Started from the counter, then went into the finance section, then to the evaluation, and lastly in the Deputy. To encourage the acceleration of IPH issuance, BP adds 27 human resources (SDM). Then add a new work space located at PDSI BP Building Batam. “One room in PDSI with a capacity of 20 tables complete with his PC, two laptops for IPH front verifier and add extra overtime for officers due to added work until 18.00 pm” he said.

In addition, there will be a policy change regarding the delegation of land use agreement signature (PPL). For the land below 600 square meters is submitted to the Head of the Land Office, while the land above 600 square meters directly to the Deputy.

He also said that the queue time is usually nine days in March, but currently only one day. While the completion time usually lasts up to two weeks in March, now the longest only four days.

Meanwhile, Chairman of DPD Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Batam Achyar Arfan said IPH service is already better than last March. “It used to be two weeks to six months after it was completed. Now, April 30 I enter, May 2 is out, “he said. He hopes that IPH services should be improved as it relates to the needs of the people. Although this regulation will surely give a breather to first time house owner and secondhand house traders, it will make the malicious property developer enough reason to NOT pay their dues. There are many illicit conman in Batam and they are the actual winner of this new approach by BP Batam.




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