Singapore is still the main market of Indonesian Tourism industry. Until 2015, the contribution of Singaporean tourists are always the greatest, before finally overtaken by Peoples’ republic of China in the second half of 2016. The Indonesian government, especially the tourism ministry thought that not enough promotion has been done in Singapore. In conjunction with the ITB Asia 2017 momentum in Singapore which will take place October 25 to 27, 2017, THe Indonesian ministry of tourism go all in and promote Indonesia as the sea-faring island nations.

“We will perform all out in ITB Singapore. This Business to Business (B to B) Forum will remain a priority of our selling activities, “said the Indonesia’s Assistant Deputy of Southeast Asian Market Development Rizki Handayani, Saturday (21/10).

Rizki also implies that, Indonesia regularly follow ITB Asia in Singapore, this participation is also to promote and maintain the existence of Indonesian tourism in the world, especially the ASEAN region. “ITB Asia is a potential place to promote Indonesian tourism because it is a business to business exhibition that allows industry players in Indonesia to expand their market network,” he said.

Minister of Tourism (Menpar) Arief Yahya assess ITB Asia 2017 in Singapore is the most potential momentum to attract more tourists to visit Indonesia. Moreover, during this time Singapore is the main tourism market of Indonesia. In the event ITB Asia 2017, industry players from other countries will also participate so as to increase the promotion opportunities for Indonesia.

Indonesia’s booth consisted of 90 Indonesian tourism industries (TA / TO, Hoteliers, DMO), consisting of Aceh (1), North Sumatra (1), Kepri (5), South Sumatra (1), Banten (1 ), Jakarta (5), West Java (2), Central Java (4), DI Yogyakarta (3), East Java (1), Bali (39), Nusa Tenggara Barat (5), East Nusa Tenggara (5) Central Kalimantan (1), Southeast Sulawesi (1), South Sulawesi (1), Papua (1), West Papua (1), All of Indonesia (12).

Then 74 tourism industry as co-delegates, 6 local tourism office that is Dispar Aceh facilitation 1 (one) tourism industry (Co-Exhibitor), Dispar Prov. Sumatera Barat TBC, Disbudpar Prov. Bangka Belitung Islands facilitation 3 (three) tourism industry (Trade Visitors), Disbudpar Prov. South Sumatera facilitates 1 (one) tourism industry (Co-Exhibitor), Disporapar Central Java facilitates 3 (three) tourism industries (Co-Exhibitors) and Dispar South Sulawesi facilitation 1 (one) tourism industry (Co-Exhibitor).

Will be held in Marina Bay Sands Singapore, the promotional B to B activity is organized by the ITB team – Internationale Tourismus-Borse-Berlin, which annually becomes the largest travelmart in the world.

“We bring a delegation that will actively participate consisting of 90 industries from leading destinations in Indonesia. They will bring tour packages that are certainly ready to be offered to the buyers, “he said.

In Wonderful Indonesia Booth, by the courtesy of Indonesian Tourism Information Service, Coffee Corner is available for visitor as well as Spa Corner by Sariayu Martha Tilaar, Virtual Reality (VR) 360 Corner, and Demo Corner Siluet by Prijadi K. There is VIP Corner with seating from comfortable sofa, VIP guests present at the Wonderful Indonesia Pavilion.

The so-called national pride is promoted by burning all the state money for makeshift shack on 3 days events. The Tourism Exchange organized by Messe Berlin (Singapore) is on its tenth edition. Wonderful Indonesia will be showcased in a 405 m2 pavilion (45 booth) by highlighting the beauty and magnificence of Phinisi Boat as one of the cultural riches of the archipelago. For us this is a Foolish way of wasting money.

Asdep Market Development of ASEAN Kemenpar Rizki Handayani added, ITB Asia 2017 is a forum to bring together qualified buyers and sellers. They are already appointment, before the meeting, because that will be the power of this event. “ITB Asia brings together international exhibitors and buyers from MICE, Leisure and Corporate travel markets,” Rizki said.

This year, continued Rizki, Indonesia the opportunity to get a slot Seminar Destination Showcase ITB Asia 2017. This is one of the programs in ITB Asia, the exhibitor may promote its tourism destination products in a seminar forum attended by potential buyers and stakeholders in the field of tourism.

“Indonesia ministry of tourism gets a Destination Showcase slot on October 26, 2017 at 13.30-14.00 at Presentation Hub, Marina Bay Sands. The Managing Director of the Toba Authority Authority, Arie Prasetyo will fill the slot to be a resource person with the theme of Tourism Development Investment Opportunities Lake Toba, “said Rizki.

“The number of foreign tourists (tourists) Singapore to Indonesia has been one of the largest,” said Minister Arief Yahya. ITB Asia 2017 will take place at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, from 25 – 27 October. It is organised by Messe Berlin (Singapore) Pte Ltd and supported by the Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau.

We consider this Event is a trashy one, there are many exhibition in Marina Bay sands offer free entry and freebies for particular visitors. Average Singaporean should waste their S$180 to cross the straits to Batam city island through Sekupang port in Batam rather than visiting this Godforsaken event.

Batam-City have tons of inquiries about this events. However, the event is overly stated, that is why no business delegation from Batam that we know of are going there and renting a space. The ridiculous thing about this wacky national cocking-pride event is that for regular visitor end, they ask S$180 for 3-day entry tickets, while on-line booking for S$100. Every countries compete for the best booth and spend money like it is a toilet paper, but in the end of the day, the contractors and the organizer taste the profits. For Batam-CIty Crew this is RIDICULOUS!.

OPEN YOUR EYES Indonesian Government and all those multiple countries government of whatever ministries. Those mainstream Singaporean tourist prospects cannot afford to pay S$180 entry ticket just to visit your booths at their office hours!. Wake up, you’ve been fooled badly. :p

Indonesian Ministry of Tourism records the number of tourists from Singapore to Indonesia in 2015 reached 1,571,982 foreign tourists. The number increased to 1.8 million people in 2016. And this year in the January-August period has reached 939.231 foreign tourists.



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