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Saturday last week, dozens of Indonesian ex- IS fighters who joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is returning back to Indonesia. They consist of 12 women and five adult males. Among them, there are three toddlers, one 13-year-old teenager, and two other teenagers.

Of the dozen, IS graduates include the former Director of One Stop Integrated Service (PTSP) and Public Relations Agency of BP Batam Dwi Djoko Wiwoho with his wife and childrens.

They arrived in Jakarta using Qatar Airways plane, Saturday, August 12, 2017, at around 15:30 pm. They were escorted by the anti-terror squad the Densus Antiterror 88 and immediately taken to Brimob Headquarters in Kelapa Dua, Depok.

Before returning home, Djoko and other Indonesians will follow the ongoing de-radicalization program conducted by BNPT, Densus Antiterror 88, Ministry of Social Affairs, and Ministry of Home Affairs.

Djoko is known there has been no news since disappeared two years ago. The house of Mr. Director looks plain but it actually a cover up, his neighbor know very little about his family and their daily-livelihood.

Monitoring KORAN SINDO, Djoko’s house in Sekupang still looks deserted. Two white and black cars parked in the yard. The brown fence of the house is also tightly sealed with a rusty lock, a mark that has long been uninhabited.

Even so, there is a Red and White flag installed in the house. Dwi’s house lights also look maintained. “This house has long been empty,” said Arwin neighbor Djoko, Sunday (13/08/2017).

The Batam Industrial Development Authority (BP Batam) was established to manage 415 kilometers square industrial complex in Batam City for heavy industry. Previously only Pertamina, Indonesia state oil company settled there with only 6,000 inhabitants.

For BP Batam, the shipbuilding and electronics manufacturing are important industries on the island. Being located close to the ports of Singapore, the speed of goods shipping and product distribution is increased, benefiting the island’s economy. With lower labour costs and special government incentives, it is the site of many factories operated by foreign companies


The boss man was known to manage various strategic position within the Indonesian government. In BP Batam he manages the legal permit of every investment in Batam, however, he is not happy with his jobs, and looks to further his career overseas. The man brought his family and eager for some action with the IS movement.

Director of Promotion and Public Relations BP Batam Purnomo Andiantono admitted, have heard the news of his former colleagues back home. Only, he did not know more details related to the news. “Well, thank God I have been able to return to the country after almost two years no news,” he said.

He admitted news of Djoko return to Indonesia is known through the media. He can not comment much on the figure of Djoko because rarely meet face to face. “Pak Djoko joined ISIS alone from other neighbors and news coverage,” he said.

The news of the return of former Director of PTSP and Public Relations Agency (BP) Batam, Dwi Djoko Wiwoho to the country made a number of parties shocked.  In fact, several times reportedly died. Even so, Andi reluctant to comment further about Djoko’s return. He confessed that he can only pray for the best so that his partner can rearrange his life. BP Batam also surrendered completely to the authorities. “Hopefully the best way to show Mr. Djoko to rearrange his life,” he said.

According to Indonesia’s law of citizenship, every citizen in arms and receive military training overseas will severely be considered an attrition and will have his/her citizenship canceled. Historically, the member of Communist Party of Indonesia (IndonesianPartai Komunis IndonesiaPKI) was massively executed for similar acts. Despite the largest non-ruling communist party in the world prior to being eradicated in 1965, due to contradicting movement against the nation’s ideals Pancasila, the party and its member were executed and banned in the following year. Will mr.Director receive similar treatment?? Only God knows…




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