Ahmad Budi Cahyono, a teacher who died after being bullied by his students, is an extracurricular teacher (GTT) who teaches art subjects at a public high school SMAN 1 Torjun District, Sampang, East Java. He was paid only Rp 400,000 per month (around S$41).

“Because he is teaching extracurricular, the basic salary earned is only Rp 400,000 per month, maybe he also teaches in other schools,” said Head of East Java Education Office Saiful Rahman when confirmed on Friday (2/2/2018).

Information obtained from the Head of SMAN I Torjun, the late Ahmad Budi Cahyono known as a multitalented teacher. “Everything he can, especially in the field of art,” he said.

Crime scene investigation on SMAN 1 Torjun Sampang were held closed and only followed by Reskrim Polres Sampang, East Java, Friday (2/2/2018)

While HI, grade XII students suspect mistreatment of teachers, known as naughty students. “Information from schools, HI may have negative notes by counseling teachers,” he said.

Ahmad Budi Cahyono died on Thursday (1/2/2018) night after being tortured by HI at school in the afternoon. After being persecuted, Budi Cahyono got home and complained about his neck pain. He was rushed at Sampang Hospital to RSU Dr Soetomo Surabaya. The teacher died of brain stem death.

The body of Ahmad Budi Cahyono, an honorary teacher of SMAN 1 Sampang, who died from being tortured by his student HI, led thousands of people to a public cemetery on Jalan Piliang, Tanggumung Village, Pamekasan Township, Sampang Regency, East Java Province, Friday (2/2 / 2018).

Local residents and teachers carry the sheath of Ahmad Budi Cahyono’s body in turns. People who take to the cemetery include the Head of East Java Education Office Syaiful Rahman and Sampang District Education Office Head Moh Jupri Riyadi.

Syaiful Rahman said, the event of teacher murder by students in Sampang is the first in Indonesia and in East Java. This incident is not expected to happen again in all places.

“I am very concerned about this incident. Hopefully this is the last time, “said Syaiful Rahman.

Syaiful added, in the future all principals should supervise and monitor each class. Thus, the principal can know the incident at his school.

In addition, the East Java Education Office will also establish a procurement program for monitoring cameras (CCTV) in each school. The purpose of procuring the program is to monitor all activities in school and expected to be approved by the Governor of East Java.

“The principal can monitor what happens at his school. No more students to mistreat his teacher, nor should any teacher persecute his students, “said Syaiful.

Meanwhile, in SMAN 1 Torjun, all students and teachers leave earlier than usual. They all went to the victim’s house to take the body of the victim to the cemetery.




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