Several underage children are suspected to be victims of sexual harassment committed by a monk at a monastery in Kavling Nongsa, northern part of Batam city island. The Commission for the Protection of Women and Children (KPPAD) Kepri revealed cases of allegations of abuse and exploitation of four children and one adult in Batam. Surprisingly, the suspected actor is a Bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) who serve in the Vihara Purnama Mahayana, Nongsa, Batam city island named; Yo Chu Hi a.k.a.Hendra.

Meanwhile, The Commissioner of Riau Island province’s Child Protection, Erry Syahrial, said that the five victims consisted of three girls and two boys. The female victims consisted of Sa, 12, De, 17, and Sw, 15. While two male victims with initial Dw, 17 and Yl, 19.  “When we picked up, the victims told me that they had been molested brutally under the secret chamber at the monastery. Of the five, the little girls with initial Sa and Sw have been sexually assaulted on their genitals. The rest is exploited for profit, “Erry said on Monday (8/28).

Commander Barelang police command AKBP Hengki said that the allegation require further evidence and the victims will be questioned this afternoon after the proper medical check up and treatment.

The chief of provincial police Mr. Hengki (Barelang Kapolresta Kombes) said that they are still investigating the case evidence today (28/08/2017) in his office at Provincial Police home base Mapolresta Barelang.

He admitted at this time not yet know the whereabouts of the perpetrator. “We can not decide whether he is a perpetrator or not because it is still under investigation,” he explained.

In addition, Hengki said he would check and ask for information about four children who were suspected to be victims.”We’ll see this afternoon we will ask the four children,” he explained.

On May this year, Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo signed a presidential directive to castrate child sex offenders. Death penalty as punishment was also introduced.

“This regulation will resolve a significant number of the crisis caused by sexual violence against children. I condemn violence against children as an extraordinary crime, as it harms personal life and growth of the victims,” Jokowi said.

“It needs special prosecution because this kind of delinquency also disturbs the safety and peace of society.” He said that “the shortest jail time will be 10 years while 20 years is the longest” and that “the convict’s identity will be announced.” Judges may also consider installation of electronic devices and microchips on convicted child felons to track their movement, in addition to castration.

Earlier, an underage girl, SA (12) allegedly became a victim of obscenity by the monk. The children were trafficked from Bogor city in western part of Java island (southern part of Jakarta city) were successfully rescued by the members of the Sundanese Society in Batam on Sunday (27/08/2017) afternoon at around 15:00 pm.

Erry explained, the victims previously invited by Hendra to carry out social charity activities in Jakarta. While in Jakarta, the victims were lodged in a hotel. It was at the hotel that Bikhu Hendra sexually abuses the victim for several days. Bikhu Hendra then took the victim to Batam, to be enslaved as a janitor at Vihara Purnama Mahayana, Nongsa, Batam.

According to the victims, Erry said, they actually want to fight when abused. But because of getting threats and intimidation from the perpetrator, the victim discouraged. “Now the children want a safe place and back to the village and gather again with their parents,” he added.

A victim Dw, 17, admitted very disappointed with the treatment of monk Hendra. Initially, Monk Hendra took them to Jakarta just to do social service. According to him, Hendra’s sexual assault was done whenever he and YL go out to run some errand from the hotel room.

“There of us were there include my friend Yl from Central Java. In the morning, we were told to go out for a meal. Then hear about the obscenity from them, I was disappointed to hear that, ” he said. The young man said that as long as he and his friends work in the Purnama Mahayana monastery, Nongsa, monk Hendra often scolds them and utters dirty words as they make an unintentional mistake.

At that time SA was locked in one of Nongsa Lot territory monastery. They were taken from Jakarta to Batam to work in the monastery. Luckily, SA then able to break free and run away from the monastery with a help from a random uncle passing by the vicinity, the man who happened to be a member of Sundanese Society in Batam immediately gather his communities and rescue them. The victims are now under a safer protection but heavily terrified both mentally and physically.

Meanwhile, the monk Yo Chu Hi a.k.a.Hendra whereabout is now at large. The official said that He is no longer to be found in the monastery. Allegedly he is involved in a network of underage children to neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. If you happen to meet this Yo Chu Hi a.k.a.Hendra is advised to report to your local authority.