Batam Enterprises Agency (BP) has issued a decree (SK) which is intended for land managers in Baloi Pond. The decree instructs land managers to immediately make a masterplan of development on the land.

Deputy IV BP Batam Eko Budi Soepriyanto mentioned that there are 11 investors who will develop Baloi Kolam. “They will talk first to discuss the master plan in accordance with the instruction of SK Head of BP Batam,” said Eko, Thursday (10/5).

Eko said investors already have the intention to immediately build the land. “Investors there also want to build Baloi Pond as a landmark of Batam,” he said. Baloi Swimming will be transformed into a Central Business District (CBD). The concept is inspired from modern cities abroad. CBD will be filled by towering buildings. “Hopefully the people of Batam can be proud of this development,” he said. As for the official letter of relocation or SK Baloi Pond residents, Eko revealed SK will soon follow.

“After the decree for the manager, the resettlement decree will be issued. Instructions on the transfer of residents who live there to KSB-KSB already planned. There are a number of places, obviously not in one location, “he explained. BP plans for a planned relocation this month. Even if not achieved, it can be continued after Eid.

“The most important thing is the certainty of citizens immediately moved to the location of KSB that has been prepared BP Batam,” he said.

Previously, the relocation of residents living in Baloi Kolam is planned to be conducted in 2018. There are about 4,500 households who will be moved from the area. Mayor of Batam, Rudi said, Baloi Swimming located in the heart of the city, will be the icon of Batam.

“We have Baloi Pond intentions will be made icons Batam any kind of building. So my citizens there, evacuated to a new place, “said Rudi, some time ago. From the Regional Leadership Communication Forum (FKPD) of Batam City, it is also agreed that people living in Baloi Kolam should be moved, in the near future. The relocation areas are in several places, such as in Nongsa Subdistrict, Sei Beduk, and others. In addition to lots, residents will also be compensated. The amount is Rp 15 million per house from the developer.

Technical Team Member of the Board of Regions (DK) of Trade and Free Port of Batam, Taba Iskandar revealed the allocation of Baloi Pond land is a matter of abuse of authority and must be reported to law enforcement officers. “It’s the abuse of authority done by a person. Not yet out the letter of ratification into another designation area (APL) has been allocated, “he said, Tuesday (21/3). Baloi Pond Polemic started in 2004. At that time, Taba Iskandar still served as Chairman of Batam Parliament.

“We never knew about that. Whereas the drafting of Regional Regulation (Perda) on spatial layout is DPRD, “he explained. By law, Taba assesses the allocation of Baloi Pond land is a public deception. Entrepreneurs including victims for being victims of the game between unscrupulous BP Batam and the Government of the City (Pemko) Batam.

In fact both of them share the average Annual Obligation of Authority (UWTO) worth Rp 44 billion paid by 12 companies claiming land there. Ironically, UWTO has been paid, the dream of 12 companies to manage the land Baloi Pond which is called as the golden triangle of Batam, vanished. Same old gansterism trick is being repeated once again in Batam, where the greedy few chasing out the marginal spectrum of the society. Batam is built for who anyway?.




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