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Relaxing Weekend Tour In Batam-City

You can have a family shopping in local fair price market, Lunch in Live Seafood Restaurant, Stamina Massage..etc

We value on clarity and honesty as agreed, without any hidden costs.

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Adventure Guide to Batam

Tanning your skin by a beautiful beach sometimes gets a little dull – here are some adventurous things you can do on Bintan and Batam to pump up the adrenaline on your trip

Venture on our foodies guide on spicy Indonesian delicacies, feel your adrenaline rush by karting or taking a fishing boat trip? everything can be arranged only with Batam-City

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The serene nature of Bintan island

For relieving yourself from stressful city life to the heaven at east Bintan coast.

Have an enjoyable and romance night by the beach with your loved ones.

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Aceh, the shariah only provincial government in Indonesia may introduce beheading

Aceh is the only province in Muslim-majority Indonesia to practise Shariah law. In the past, they have made international headlines for caning two men for having gay sex. Associated Press correspondent reported Syukri M Yusuf, the head of Aceh’s Shariah law and human...
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Indonesia hands over 1MDB-linked luxury yacht

Indonesia hands over 1MDB-linked luxury yacht to FBI: police Indonesian officials prepare to board the luxury yacht ‘Equanimity’, reportedly worth some 250 million USD and owned by Jho Low, a former unofficial adviser to the Malaysian fund 1MDB, at Benoa...
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Sumatera tiger strike again in mainland Sumatera Riau province of Indonesia

Yusri, a resident of Pulau Muda Village, Teluk Meranti Sub-district, Pelalawan Regency, Riau, was killed by the Sumatran tiger on Saturday (10/3) evening in Indra Giri Hilir district. The victim was killed by a deep wound in the back of the neck suspected of being...
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Founder of the biggest department retail chains in Indonesia were found dead on river side

The mighty and wealthy retail emperor Hari Darmawan has been Chairman of the Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Association (Aprindo) for the period of 2000-2004. He was born May 27, 1940 and has been pioneering retail business since long. He himself established...
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Catholic church in South Sumatera province were ransacked

A Catholic Chapel were attacked and vandalized in South Sumatra province, Benches and a statue of Jesus Christ are strewn across the floor of the vandalized St. Zakharia chapel in South Sumatra on Thursday morning. read...
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Singaporean jailed for under-age sexual assault in Batam

Mohammad Asri Sapuan (in orange) would lure the boys to his home with money or under the pretext of teaching them Kuda Lumping, a traditional Javanese dance where performers ride on a puppet horse. Singaporean national received a sentence of 13 years’...
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Plastic disaster in Bali Indonesia

Britain Diver Rich Horner filmed himself swimming underwater at Manta Point, Nusa Penida in Bali, highlighting the problem of plastic. He said he had “never seen [a cloud of plastic] anything like on this scale.” read...
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PT Proclad Asia International, will open a factory in Batam with an investment of Rp 50 billion

An investor from UAE in the oil and gas supporting industry sector, PT Proclad Asia International, will open a factory in Batam with an investment of Rp 50 billion. Proclad entry is believed to be a signal of revival of the oil and gas industry in Batam. read...
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Promotion of Malay culture is now regulated to boosts Batam identity and tourism perks

Local Regulation (Perda) on the promotion of Malay culture was passed in plenary session. Ports, airports, hotels and restaurants are required to introduce Malay culture. Whether through Malay ornaments, culinary  until the use of Malay languages. read...
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